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One of the most unique things about LUNA Dance Convention, is our Young Choreographers Program. Prior to each event, we will be going through all our submissions and choosing one young choreographer to teach their very own class at the upcoming convention in the style of their choice! Not only is this AWESOME publicity for this faculty member, but also a great resume addition for any dancer looking to build their credibility for a future career in dance/choreography! We can't wait to see the work that these talented young artists are capable of!

Important Info:

  • Submissions must be turned in by Monday, August 1, 2022 at 11:59pm

  • The chosen choreographer will be notified a minimum of 50 days before the event if they were selected to hold the Guest Faculty position for that city.

  • You MUST complete the steps on our Instagram post before being eligible to apply.

  • This is NOT a paid position, we want this to be 100% about a young dancers desire to teach, choreograph and the experience of watching a room full of dancers perform YOUR choreography!

  • Choreographers are welcome to apply for both the Ambassador Search as well as the Young Choreographers Faculty Position.

Young Choreographer Guest Faculty Search

Ages 16-21 are welcome to apply to be a featured Faculty Member at one of our upcoming Season 2 Events!

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