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Check-in will begin 30 minutes before the first class on Saturday.


Luna Dance Convention recommends the following age limits for classes, but it is up to the teacher’s discretion as to where to place their students:   
Dancers 11 & Under; Dancers 12 & Up.


Wrist bands must be worn by all students and observers. No one will be allowed to enter a ballroom without the appropriate band. Bands will be checked upon entering each ballroom. Teachers have the freedom to dance or observe in ANY ballroom. Lost wrist bands cannot be replaced, so please keep your band on your wrist at all times!

Parents and siblings who aren’t participating in class, may purchase an observer band and observe in ballrooms during class. The Observer Band also allows you entry into the Improv Competition and the Final Showcase. While we welcome everyone to enjoy the classes, please be respectful of the dancers, teachers and choreographers. Keep any talking to a minimum, don’t obstruct the viewing of others, no food or drink allowed, and NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY!


There will be a showcase during the convention in which the all-star, guest choreographers will perform. Select dancers may be chosen to perform the choreography they learned in class that day! This will be an exciting event you will not want to miss!!! Entry to Final Showcase is $5 per ticket. Final Showcase entry for dancers and observers is included with your wristband.

All faculty is scheduled to teach at each convention in every level. In the event one of our scheduled teachers is not able to attend a convention, a teacher of comparable notoriety will be substituted.


Luna Dance Convention will not refund any fees unless we are responsible for the cancellation of the convention. In the event a registered dancer or observer is ill or injured and unable to attend, please contact our office at for options.


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